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Wedding Elegance NYC is the culmination of our desire to devote our passion and vision to your life's most memorable celebrations.

As you probably know, the South Asian variety of special occasions are no small feat to design, plan or execute. They are second only to a Broadway musical or a Bollywood drama in their creativity, complexity and logistical acumen. 

Your celebration should be about the joy in your life; not about whether the florist made their delivery on time. 

At Wedding Elegance NYC, we take it upon ourselves to organize and run your celebration together so you don't have to. We guarantee a job so well done that your family and guests will rave about it for years to come!

Get in touch with us by phone at 201.588.5174 or through the contact form here, and come in for your first consultation. It's free and you have absolutely no obligation to hire us.

We never sell you out by taking commissions or kickbacks from other vendors or service providers to steer business their way. Ever!

It's quite simply, really. We work for you and you alone. That means we represent your best interests throughout the wedding planning process and get you the best possible services under any circumstances. Even better, since we don't take commissions, most service providers are happy to pass the cost savings on to you! 

Why should you care whether your wedding planner works commission-free or not? Well, if your caterer or decorator has to pay your planner in order to earn a client, they have to make that money from somewhere (read, you). In such a commission-based transaction, you are no longer the customer. Instead, you become the product without even knowing it…and pay a higher price in the process.

Being commission-free no-matter-what is our promise to you. It means you get the best possible wedding!





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