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Here are some past reflections

We are extremely happy to have hired Chetali for our wedding. Our biggest two requirements when hiring our wedding planner were  a) unique creative visionary & 2) someone who will plain ‘get things done’. Not only did they meet these conditions, their performance exceeded expectations leaving out most special day as memorable as we wanted it to be.

We met Chetali an year before our wedding and after researching what our tastes are; came up with the vision to be that was very unique. Since we are Indian Americans we wanted our wedding to as Indian as we could possibly out here. The décor was beautiful, and dreamy, with colors flowers and lighting blending into each other. Our functions we spanned 4 days and not a single item on the menu was repeated for all those – a blend of traditional and western dishes. I have to make a special mention to the sequencing of events. Chetali organized each one of them so beautifully that they blended into each other, giving enough time for the guests to rest leaving them with amazing hospitality.

We began by hiring Chetali as our wedding planner, but ended but with the desire to have a lifelong relationship due to her talent and affable personality. We hope to get her to plan all of our major life events. If you want a stress-free, beautiful, organized, creative event – go to Chetali – you will be as happy as us!

- Bhavana Mokha

I recently attended a wedding planned and organized by Chetali and her team and came away with just one word in mind.. "Wow!!". The amount of thought that had gone into each little detail - from the "Welcome" bags for each guest checking into the hotel to the little paper butterfly with the guest's name at each place setting at the reception - was amazing. Chetali had put together a unique setting for each of the events leading up to the wedding (mehndi and sangeet), the wedding itself, and the reception. She is a perfectionist with very high standards and this showed in the decor put together for each event and also the food that was served at each. Perhaps the most thoughtful touch was the snack pouches hung on each chair that guests could snack on during the wedding ceremony without ever having to leave their spot. The degree of professionalism and care that had gone into the wedding was fantastic. I am sure that Chetali will be a major asset to any wedding or event that she plans and will always be able to provide and execute the most unique ideas with utmost professionalism. I wish her the very best!

- Shubhada Deshmukh

We met Chetali by way of a referral. She had handled my cousin’s wedding. When Brett and I approached her to plan our two-day wedding event, she told us that she was already committed to another event for the first day and wouldn’t be able to provide us with the full-time support we were looking for. After some discussion, we hired her as a consultant to help us plan the event, and to handle the day-of responsibilities for the second day.

In hindsight, my husband and I are glad we hired Wedding Elegance NYC.

Chetali and her team handled everything like the pros that they are. They made phone calls, helped us interview vendors and then scrutinize and finalize their contracts. The second day of the event (our wedding and reception) ran smoothly. Chetali’s team was up and taking care of logistics long before Brett and I woke up, and the results were just grand. Nothing was out of place and no detail was left unattended. 

Chetali has an uncanny ability to anticipate outcomes and plan for them with multiple options  ahead of time. Whether it’s one of the kids taking a nasty fall or one of the bridesmaids smudging her makeup, her team was always alert and responsive. For that alone, I’m glad we hired her.

She also mingled with our guests very well, and from everything I’ve heard so far, she’s left an impression on them too.

Hire her! You only have one shot at getting your wedding right.

- Aanya Biswas

Thank you Chetali, for giving us such a memorable wedding for our daughter. When we started thinking about how we would plan Anisha’s nuptials, we were overwhelmed by the logistics and detail that go into planning a wedding. But we knew that we wanted to make Anisha’s day as special as we could, even though she wasn’t very enthusiastic about planning the wedding.

Chetali worked closely with us throughout the entire planning process for months leading up to the wedding. Not only was she patient with us and accommodated our every need, but she also took care of working with all of the vendors (caterers, photographer, makeup artists, etc.) and make sure everything was set up perfectly. She was always available to answer our questions or concerns, and brought some refreshing creativity to the planning process. 

On the day of the wedding, she promised us one thing, that we would not have to worry about a single detail and would simply get to spend the day with Anisha and Subhash. She most definitely delivered on that promise. We didn’t have to worry about a single thing. Chetali handled every detail flawlessly and (seemingly) effortlessly.

Thank you, Chetali and team, for giving us such a memorable day. It gives us great pleasure to write this well-deserved testimonial for you. We wish you the very best, beta.

- Pragna and Ashwin Shah

Chetali and her team were the best. From day one they made us feel at ease and have helped us host 250 guest without any issues or complains. They were our first choice and what a pleasure working with her and her team. I have never seen that smile and confidence disappear even a bit from the moment we meet her. Chetali is the best and will work day and night if she has to make your special day so grand. She helped us select the best Vendors. I have not even once had to follow up with her to what was going on. She was on top of everything before us asking. My family and friends still are talking about her and her organized skills. The best invitations I have seen and very very thoughtful favors. I would highly recommend Wedding elegance NYC (Chetali) to anyone for all your event.

- Sheena Bhatt

10 stars++ don't seem to be enough for Chetali and her team!

We recently attended a multi-cultural wedding for our dear friends, organized by Chetali in NYC. Hiring Chetali was one of the best decision my friends made for their wedding.  She was so organized and professional and right from the start we observed her and her team efficiently co-ordinate with the bride, groom and both sides of the family.  It was a 250 person wedding with several vendors and multiple functions lasting 4 days. Everything was perfectly executed thanks to Chetali and her team.  As guests we enjoyed every minute of the various functions, the venue and the lovely touches that made the wedding wholly elegant.

Chetali is a true professional. A big thanks to Chetali for making my friend's wedding so special and stress-free. If you are looking to create a fun, classy event with no detail overlooked you'll be in great hands. Very, very highly recommended.

- Snehal Phule 

As a bridesmaid, I must say every detail of the wedding was well-planned and executed. Everything from the smallest bow design to the larger decor, colors and flowers, arrangements and placement were all beautiful. All the events were timed and orchestrated with professional finesse. Chetali put everyone at ease, had all the elements together and left nothing to last minute guesswork. Her unique ideas for the bridal party and the guests at the wedding were a big hit. Everybody felt like she had put so much thought and effort into every single aspect. She can handle a wedding with all its bells and whistles, and do it marvelously!

- Ruksana Hussain

I recently attended a South Asian inspired wedding planned by Wedding Elegance NYC. It was my first South Asian wedding and I honestly had no idea what to do, or even wear! The website that was set up was very informative with all of the hotel information, ceremony details and links to websites where I could purchase clothing. Upon arriving at the venue, there were signs posted and guides present to assist me in finding the correct places to go. The décor was beautiful, the caterers were amazing and the hotel staff was extremely helpful. The wedding planners did an amazing job keeping everything organized and on schedule. We had an amazing time and if anything went wrong, we certainly didn't notice! I will absolutely call them to plan my traditional wedding once the time comes!

- (Name withheld upon request)

Our wedding experience was absolutely wonderful. The three days that we attended were very well thought out and impeccably organised. Attention to details made the experience wonderful and memorable.

Typically, large weddings have a tendency to not keep to schedule, but this one not only kept time well but seem to flow well from one event to another. Selection of venues and decorations seem to fit perfectly with the event. And food ... oh the food. It was plenty, both in quantity and variety, and absolutely delicious.

We had a wonderful time and others appeared to do so as well. All in all, a well realized and executed event made for one of mostmemorable wedding that we have attended.

- Janak Desai

Very well planned wedding, there was a lot of attention to detail from the fantastic jute welcome bags at the beginning (which is a wonderful reminder for me of the day) to the little keepsake boxes at the event.

This would be a challenge for anyone - considering the number of events that take place at an Indian wedding (a total of 5 events over 3 days). I missed the Mendhi ceremony, but the Garba was fantastic. The room was beautifully setup, the food was simply amazing and the crowd certainly got into the groove.

The wedding ceremony location was lovely, it helped that the weather was marvelous. The stage was setup very tastefully and the flower arrangements were lovely. All the little girls wanted the roses.

The reception was exquisite and magical with a lot of candles - here again the caterer that was chosen was really good. The photographers were also great and they captured fantastic candid's of what seemed to be everybody.

- Ashley

My husband and I had the great pleasure of witnessing the brilliance of Wedding Elegance this Summer. The wedding had the most thoughtful details and introductions. The food and entertainment were suburb and all of the guests left feeling like they really got to know each other. I highly recommend Wedding Elegance for your big day

- Alicia Boone

This past May, my friend Sheena got married to the love of her life. I have been to multiple weddings, but Sheena's wedding was the most elegant I have ever been to: the layout and decorations of the ceremony site (simple, giving focus of the ceremony to the bride and groom), the layout and decorations for the wedding reception dinner and celebration (table decorations, guest gifts of blooming tea bulbs in cute gift boxes, layout of the reception room, the soft lighting giving the impression candles were providing the illumination, DJ and music selection), the delicious catering choices (three different Indian restaurants each providing their own flavor style), and the choice on a venue which provided some of the best customer service I have ever encountered (including my experiences in Canada, Germany, Austria, Japan, and other parts of the USA).

The team at Wedding Elegance NYC's attention to detail (giving the impression candles provided the light for the reception, the small butterfly decorations for each guest, the intricate design on the gift boxes which contained the blooming tea bulbs, providing gift bags for each guest staying at the venue where the wedding was held) created a wedding, including the celebrations leading up to and after the wedding ceremony, an enjoyable and beautiful event for everyone

- Ben Fotovich